Professional counselling to help with your problems

Most of us experience times when we feel particularly anxious, depressed or confused. Professional counselling offers an opportunity to explore and resolve difficulties we may be experiencing in any aspects of our lives.
Our difficulties may be caused by a specific situation, or, we may not understand why we are feeling anxious or unhappy or we may have worries that have been concerning us for some time.
I work with individuals and couples offering you the opportunity to explore and resolve difficulties which may be leading to anxiety, depression or loss of self-esteem. I am happy to work with any issue you choose to bring.


I am a BACP accredited, qualified counsellor. This means my work is closely regulated, I am required to keep my training up to date, undergo regular supervision and to adhere to the BACP code of ethics.
I have worked as a counsellor since 2002 in various settings including the NHS, occupational health, North Staffs MIND, Savana and in private practice.


Although I  work as integrative counsellor, my work is largely person centred which involves careful listening, trying to understand exactly what you are thinking and feeling and aiming  always to be honest and non-judgemental.
I have studied and continue to study a number of different counselling approaches which we may draw on if helpful.

What To Expect

On your first visit, I will start by explaining a little more about what counselling involves, what you can expect from me and what I will expect from you.
I will ask you a few questions about yourself and give you the opportunity to discuss any worries or ask me any questions you may have. If you are willing, we will then start to explore the issues you wish to address.

Get in touch...

To work through any emotional problems you may be experiencing, call me using the details here to begin your personal counselling in Stoke on Trent.

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