What to expect from your private counselling

I work from private counselling room at my home. On your first visit, I will start by explaining a little more about what counselling involves, what you can expect from me and what I will expect from you.

Before starting counselling, check out that counselling is really what you want?

Sometimes people come for counselling and find it a rather puzzling experience and not what they were expecting. The aim of counselling is to help you to understand yourself and, if you so choose, make changes in your thoughts and behaviours so that your difficulties become more manageable.

When you go to a medical professional like a doctor or dentist and tell them your symptoms, they generally make a diagnosis and prescribe medication or recommend changes to your lifestyle. Occasionally people come to counselling with the expectation that counselling works in the same way.  If you come with this in mind, you may initially feel disappointed.

I work from a fundamental belief that you are the expert on you and my job is to help you to access your own inner wisdom and strength to solve your own difficulties. This is ultimately far more powerful and life-changing than if I gave you advice or told you what to do. Counselling sometimes feels like hard work and part of the process may involve experiencing difficult and painful emotions along the way – you could feel worse before you feel better. It may be worth bearing in mind that, because it feels hard, some people give up, in my experience, around the second or third session and this may be the time when it is more important than ever to keep going.

What I will do:

  • Listen to you with interest, concern and respect.
  • Tell you what I notice, both verbally and non-verbally in your body language.
  • Encourage you to focus on your reactions to other people’s behaviour rather than on their behaviour.
  • Encourage you to express your feelings, including feelings about the counselling.
  • Point out how you may be contributing to your own difficulties and help you to discover new ways of changing.
  • Discuss ending the counselling when it seems appropriate.

What I will not do:

  • Give you clear cut solutions to your difficulties.
  • Judge you.
  • Have any relationship with you other than a counselling one.
  • Be a permanent support or friend to you.
  • Talk about myself unless I believe it is of particular value or relevance to you.
  • Talk about you to anyone else without your permission ( except in very exceptional circumstances which will be discussed with you).

Your first visit to my counselling room in Stoke on Trent

I will ask you a few questions about yourself and give you the opportunity to discuss any worries or ask me any questions you may have. If you are willing, we will then start to explore the issues you wish to address. Towards the end of the session, we will discuss whether or not you feel you would like to continue our work together.

Personal, private counselling

I am often asked how many sessions you will need. This varies from person to person. Some people can get what they need from two or three sessions while other people may want to go deeper or may require many more sessions to get to the bottom of what is causing them discomfort and to make life enhancing changes. The choice is always yours.

Counselling prices and scheduling

Sessions are one hour long and my recommendation to get the best out of counselling, is to make them weekly, but, where this is not possible,they can be as frequently as you choose.

The fees are £45 – £60 per session for individuals and £67 – £80 for one and a half hour sessions for couples.  Please note that missed appointments without 24 hours notice must be paid for at half the normal rate.

Contact me today to discuss how counselling can help you.